Friday, November 4, 2011

Google Sheets: Charting Raw Data

This was a good experience. After watching a few brief tutorials, I was able to quickly transfer data to a new spreadsheet, analyze it by finding averages, and then graph a growth trend. Plus, it was easy to embed the link below so that others can view it.

Click below to view:
Sheet and Chart

Here are the trends I observed:
  • All students had a considerably better score on test 10 than on test 6. 
  • Most students improved their score with each test. The exceptions to this are Jason, Katherine, Walter, and Queen. 
  • Katherine realized the greatest improvement from test 6 to test 10.
As a result of these observations, I'd do several things in the classroom:
  1. I'd send Katherine a letter congratulating her on being the "most improved player."
  2. I'd personally congratulate each student on their overall improvement in a discrete way, such as by attaching a note of congratulations to homework I returned to them (so as not to embarrass them in front of their peers).
  3. I'd give each student a graph showing their personal achievement from test 6 to 10 and then administer a survey with the following questions:
    1. What helped you the most to improve your scores from test 6 to 10?
    2. Was any one test harder than the others?
    3. If your test scores didn't improve with each test, what do you think was the cause?
    4. What would have helped you to learn better?

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  1. Superb !!!!
    Yes, your chart type tells an obvious story.
    Just let me know after you've figured out how to EMBED the data/graph.
    We'll discuss it in class.